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Outage Reporting: 1.800.472.2983 or 701.939.6671

What should I report to my local co-op?

  • Broken poleIf you see a downed power line or utility pole, contact Burke-Divide Electric Cooperative immediately.
  • If you see broken wires, cross arms  or other equipment that may be damaged.
  • If you hit any electrical equipment,  such as poles or guy wires, while farming.
  • If a tree is growing into a power line. Call a professional to trim that tree before it causes a hazard for you or leaves you without power. Children climbing that tree can get shocked or killed; branches can break or fall onto the wire, causing an outage; or the wind can whip a limb into the line and cause an outage. But remember: When power lines are involved, always leave the trimming to professionals.  Call your cooperative.


To report an outage

Because power outages can’t be totally eliminated, Burke-Divide Electric Cooperative offers these steps to follow if an outage occurs:

  • Confirm the outage. Check your own fuses and circuit breakers first.
  • Check with a neighbor to confirm if he or she is also experiencing an outage before you call the cooperative. This will help BDEC determine the extent of the outage.
  • Call the cooperative. If the outage is widespread, the phone lines may be busy, but keep trying. BDEC will send a line crew to find the problem and restore power as quickly as possible.

Remember:  We do not monitor our Facebook page 24/7.  If you are experiencing an outage or have something to report, please contact the cooperative by phone at 1-800-472-2983.

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