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Smart home technology can help you save

All kinds of devices and appliances are getting smarter. Everything from lightbulbs to refrigerators to security systems are available with internet capabilities that allow for easier and more automated control.

With smart home technologies, you can use voice command or an app on a phone, computer or tablet for remote control, giving you more freedom to customize parts of your home. In turn, you’ll receive alerts and information about an action being finished (the dishwasher cycle being complete) or a potential issue (a water leak).

Smart technology makes running a home easy and convenient, but that’s not all. Check out these five smart home gadgets that can also save money.

  1. Energy monitors. Energy monitors provide real-time feedback on home energy use. They can even analyze trends and make recommendations for future savings.
  2. Smart thermostats. Smart thermostats heat and cool a home on a personalized schedule. Save more by controlling temperatures remotely from an app on a mobile device.
  3. Smart lighting comes in a few forms. Color-changing smart LED bulbs are a great way to go green. The bulbs can be controlled through apps, smart speakers and switches. Some can even play music.
  4. Advanced power strips. Advanced power strips shut down devices that are in standby mode. They can also make homes safer by turning off fire hazards, like irons and space heaters in case they are forgotten.
  5. Smart safety detectors. Carbon monoxide, fire and flood detectors help monitor potential dangers. Insurance companies often offer policy discounts for homes with these systems.

With so many ways to save, it’s easy to see why investing in smart home technology is a wise move.

What are the benefits?
Convenience and comfort are the primary advantage you’ll gain with smart home technology. You get a remote and sometimes hands-free way to control devices and customize a variety of actions, from scheduling to automating to occupancy sensing.

Related to convenience is accessibility, which is a particularly big perk for an aging population. Being able to shut off lights or change the temperature via voice command can be especially helpful for those with mobility, dexterity, memory or vision issues. Some smart speakers also allow family members to check in with each other to keep in touch.

Smart home technologies can produce energy and cost-savings, thanks to their added control and automation. For example, you can avoid wasting electricity by setting up your thermostats and lights to operate only when you need them. Some thermostats can even monitor the health of your heating and cooling system and alert you before a system failure.

Advanced security comes from being able to monitor your home remotely via cameras and motion sensors.

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