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September Message from the Manager

Construction work plan update

Jerry King

This month, I wanted to give you an update on where your cooperative is in our current construction work plan.


What is a construction work plan?  A construction work plan (CWP) is the cooperative’s ongoing plan for construction of new electric plant that is vital in providing adequate and reliable electric service to our membership. We use our CWP as a support document in the cooperative’s budgeting process and for loan applications with the Rural Utilities Services (RUS) and other lenders.  A construction work plan typically covers plant requirements for 2 to 4 years.


Currently, we are in the 3rd year of a very extensive plan that will bring increased reliability and capacity to our system to meet our members’ needs. The plan also includes the much-needed retirement of some aging infrastructure.


Some of our major projects for 2017 are substation related.  The Fay Substation, located 2 miles south of Columbus on Highway 40 is a newly constructed substation that doubles our capacity in the middle part of our system. This substation came online in early August of this year.


Another substation project we have lined up for this year is a transformer upgrade for our Bowbells Substation located 4 miles Southwest of Bowbells. This project will increase our capacity to serve additional loads in the Bowbells area and will be completed later in the fall.


The third and final substation project we have for 2017 is a complete rebuild of our Norma Substation which is located 5 miles northeast of Kenmare. This project will increase our capacity to serve growing member needs in this area and is scheduled to be completed in late fall.


We also have a number of distribution and transmission line projects in our plan that are aimed at reducing outages and increasing system reliability that will be completed by years end.


As our members' needs change and grow, we work hard to make sure we can serve whatever those needs are, and we take great pride in doing just that.


Until next time,


Jerry King

General Manager

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