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August Message from the Manager

New meters to help us serve you better

Jerry King

Beginning in September, Burke-Divide Electric Cooperative will be installing new, automated meters throughout our system.  These new meters will improve the reliability of our electric system and the efficiency of both operations and electricity delivery, helping us keep costs down for members.  We estimate this will be approximately a six month project.


Automated meter reading has been in place at Burke-Divide Electric for a number of years.  The equipment currently in place is nearing the end of its useful life. As we all are aware, advances in technology are constantly being made including equipment in the electric industry.


The main change with the new metering system is how the meters communicate data back to the cooperative.  Our existing system uses the power lines to send data back to the cooperative.  The new meter technology will use radio frequency (RF) for its communications.


The new meter system will allow us to detect problems more quickly and to locate outages more precisely.  In some cases, we will be able to fix the problem before members know their power has been out.


The new system will also help us monitor the electric system in almost real-time.  Daily and hourly readings will be recorded which will help the co-op better understand how and when members are using electricity.  Members who use SmartHub, our new online account management system, can access usage information anytime from their computer or mobile device allowing them to better understand and manage their electric usage as well.


The impact of the installation to members will minimal.  Members can expect to lose power for a few minutes on the day of the installation of the new meter.  The first bill received after the meter exchange will show two meter readings:  one from the old meter and one from the new meter.


Additional information regarding the metering project will be available on our website.  Feel free to contact our office if you have questions.


Until next time,


Jerry King

General Manager

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