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2020 director elections

At the 2020 annual meeting, members will elect a director in District 2 and a director in District 3.  The District 2 seat currently held by Kurt Koppelsloen, Columbus, and the District 3 seat currently held by Jeff Dahlin, Kenmare, are up for election.  Each seat will be a three-year term.

Members interested in becoming a candidate for a director seat are required to circulate a nominating petition and secure 15 signatures from members within his/her district.

Petitions are available at the Cooperative’s headquarters in Columbus and must be filed with the Cooperative by close of business Monday, September 21.

Cooperative bylaws concerning director qualifications and the director election process are included below.  Contact the office at 1-800-472-2983 with any questions regarding the director election process.

BDEC Bylaw Section 4.2—Director Qualifications
Every director or candidate for a directorship shall: (1) be a member of the Cooperative and receive electric service from the cooperative at a meter located within the district for the directorship being filled, and (2) be a bona fide resident of the area within the outside geographical boundaries of the district for the directorship being filled, even if the residence is not served by the cooperative. This qualification shall apply whether such directorship is being filled by election or appointment.  No representative of a member who is other than a natural person shall be qualified to be a director unless that person is also a member of the Cooperative individually and meets the criteria outlined above.

No member shall be eligible to become or remain a director who is not at least eighteen (18) years of age or who is any way employed by or financially interested in a competing enterprise.

Nothing in this section shall, or shall be construed to, affect in any manner whatsoever the validity of any action taken at any meeting of the Board of Directors, unless such action is taken with respect to a matter in which one or more of the directors have an undisclosed interest adverse to that of the Cooperative.

BDEC Bylaw Section 4.3.a—Nominations
Every candidate for the Office of Director shall, not less than thirty (30) days nor more than ninety (90) days before the regular annual meeting or at any meeting at which directors are to be elected, present to the secretary of said cooperative a nominating petition giving the candidate’s name, post office, address and the district in which he presides.  Each candidate must be a member residing in the district and must possess the qualifications for a director specified in section 4.2 of the Bylaws of this Cooperative. Such petition shall contain the names and signatures of not less than fifteen (15) members residing in the district from which he is a candidate. Each name on the petition shall be a bona fide member of the said cooperative receiving service in said district. Each signer of a nomination petition shall sign but one petition and he shall add his address and the date of signing.

Director Map

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